Snowcone™ Shrub Rose

Snowcone™ Shrub Rose

A Flurry of Fragrant White Blooms!

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Love the beauty of snow but hate the cold? Maybe this is the rose for you! Snowcone™ is a shrub rose, low-growing and spreading, that offers magnificent winter white blooms for that snowy feel even in the sunniest seasons!

Well-branched and boasting glossy, deep green foliage that looks as good in October as it did in April, Snowcone™ is a tireless bloomer. It sets clusters of small, single, snowy white flowers with a central cluster of golden stamens. The petals seem overlaid by an eye-catching silvery sheen, making them stand out beautifully in any season. Expect the first flush in spring, followed by several repeats that can carry the color right into fall. The flowers have a light, subtle, sweet fragrance that is especially noticeable when they are cut for the vase, and this aroma lingers in the sunny garden for months!

And Snowcone™ is famously unfussy, a far cry from those finicky hybrid teas your grandmother grew (and sprayed, and pruned, and sprayed some more!). It asks for little else besides plenty of sunlight (at least 6 hours) and some quality rose food. Of course, deadheading the spent blooms will encourage new buds to form, and any dead or diseased foliage should be pruned away promptly. But beyond this, Snowcone™ chugs along with little help from you, blooming and resting, always beautiful and vigorous!

Not more than 24 inches high, this rose makes an excellent front-of-the-rose-garden choice, because its lush, low-growing foliage hides those bare canes of hybrid teas and floribundas perfectly! It also serves as a low hedge, a sort of elevated edging along driveway and garden path, and a foundation standout. Versatility is not often a word we associate with roses, but Snowcone™ achieves it!

Find a good place (or two, or three) in your landscape for Snowcone™ and begin growing this mini powerhouse this season. You will thrill to its beauty and ease of care!