A Wintry Encore for the Spring Garden

One of the most renowned and spectacular early-season bloomers, Galanthus nivalis grows as early as February and quickly puts out an incredible show of snowy white blooms. The blooms hang from the stalks in little white drops before they perk up and open. The blooms then open up, only about 1 inch wide, but borne in profusion, creating a snowbank kind of look. For the most stunning effect, plant them close together in a large drift, where their early-season bloom show will harken back to the blanket of winter's snow that has only recently melted. These perennials will naturalize to fill an empty area, increasing their spectacle each year. They prefer well-drained soil with plenty of humus and full sun. But since they come on so early, you can often plant snowdrops beneath taller plants, and they will still get plenty of sun before the plants above them even leaf out!