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Soil Blast Biological Supercharger

Soil Blast Biological Supercharger

Increase the Growing Power of Your Garden!

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Soil Blast is an all-natural, 100% organic blend of probiotics designed to make the most of the nutrition and fertility of your garden soil. More nutritious and productive soil means healthier, stronger, easier-to-grow plants that take off well in spring, keep going all season, and demonstrate better branching, greener leaves, more flowers, and even bigger and better fruit!

You'll see the difference right away when you begin using Soil Blast. Your plants will simply look better at first -- the texture of the foliage will be much richer, the growth will be quicker, and the size will be larger. But the real benefits are in the root system development and the eventual flowering and fruiting -- Soil Blast takes care of your plants throughout their life, not just a jump-start.

Use Soil Blast (it mixes easily with water) once a week throughout the growth season. It's even more effective if you use it with Kelp Blast. And if you follow this 4-step process for improving your soil, you'll grow the best garden of your life:

#1 - Protect seeds and young plants with Myco Blast, a blend of natural soil microbes which acts as a biological root inoculant, helping your plants' roots to absorb water and nutrition while enriching the soil. Just 3 applications at the start of the growth season jump-starts the healthy growth of your plants!

#2 - Nourish the soil with Soil Blast.

#3 - Maximize flowering with super myco tea, a molasses-based compost tea alternative which helps break down natural debris into soil nutrients that boost your plants' bloom strength. Ready to use and so easy! Apply weekly during the bloom season.

#4 - Feed the garden all season long with Kelp Blast, a natural superfood made of sustainably harvested Norwegian Brown Kelp containing the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins which stimulate soil microbe growth, improving moisture-holding ability and aeration. Apply all season as a root drench and/or a foliar spray.

Soil Blast is out to nourish your garden, and you're going to love the results!