Soil Machine PRO

Soil Machine PRO

Black Gold! Compost Tea!

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This ingenious new design is an excellent way to create soil and compost tea and then easily deliver them to your plants. The dark plastic absorbs the sun's heat, allowing your kitchen scraps, yard waste and other organic matter to quickly break down into fresh compost (humus), while all of the liquid draining off of the compost flows in to the hollow base to be stored until you pour it on your plants' roots.

Composting doesn't get any easier than this: just place the EnviroTumbler on its base and throw in some compost, and you are cooking! The 12-inch lid is easy to open and close and provides a secure seal. Turn the tumbler once a week with the ergonomic handles, and your compost will swiftly break down into wonderfully-rich soil. Durable wheels built right on the stand make the Soil Machine Pro easy to turn, but the low-profile construction makes the stand very difficult for wind or curious critters to knock over. Safe for pets and children. When the compost is ready to put on your plants, the tumbler simply lifts off of the stand, and it can be easily rolled around the yard to where you wish to deliver the compost.

Holes in the side of the tumbler allow in the proper amount of air to keep the aerobic bacteria in the compost happily working. The ingenious design mingles rainwater with your compost runoff and stores the mixture in its base. This compost tea is one of the best, most nutrient-rich mixtures in the world for growing healthy plants. Simply remove the screw in plug to pour the tea or run it through a hose to your plants. The moisture and nutrients will gradually seep into the ground. Ask any gardener and they'll tell you that compost and fresh rain water give some of the best, heartiest plants out there.

This product is made in the USA out of durable, 100% recycled polyethylene plastic. The dark plastic is resistant to weather and fading and carries a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. Holds up to 6½ cubic feet of compost. Dimensions: 29" High x 22" Wide x 25" Deep. Weight: 32 pounds.