Soil Moist Moisture Extender

Soil Moist Moisture Extender

Waters AND Reduces Soil Compaction!

3 oz.
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If you've got poorly draining, compacted soil, or if you have certain plants that never seem to get enough water during the hottest, driest times of the year, Soil Moist is what you've been looking for. These granules absorb large quantities of water and then release them into the soil as it dries out, reducing compaction and cutting your watering time in half. And the best part? --It lasts for 3 to 5 years!

Soil Moist is useful for indoor or outdoor plants. If you're going on vacation, work it into the soil of your potted plants, and they'll remain moist twice as long. It's also great for those hard-to-water places in the garden that suffer during dry spells, and for newly transplanted seedlings, shrubs, and trees. It's long-lasting, economical, and easy to use. 3-ounce package.