Echinacea Sombrero® Sandy Yellow

Echinacea Sombrero® Sandy Yellow

A Little Slice of Sunshine in Compact Form!

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Here is the Coneflower we've been waiting for: compact enough for containers, both long-blooming and heavy-blooming, and extra cold-hardy. Sandy Yellow is a dream come true for all of us who love the beauty and carefree performance of Echinacea in our sunny landscape!

Just 24 inches high and not even as wide, this perennial packs a lot of color into that small space. You can grow it in a container on the deck or set it front and center in the sunny border. Like all Echinacea varieties, it stands up beautifully to heat, humidity, drought, and poor soil. Deer tend to leave it unnibbled, and pests and diseases aren't a problem -- this native has been growing on our prairies and in our wild meadows for centuries!

And Sombrero® Sandy Yellow is a pollinator magnet. Butterflies and bees visit all summer, followed in autumn by songbirds, who perch on the flower stems and pick out the seeds from those big central cones. You may want to cut some of those cones for dried arrangements indoors, too -- they last for months!

A fabulous perennial that defines "low maintenance" and blooms heavily for years, Sandy Yellow belongs in every garden! Make a place for it in yours this season! Zones 4-9.