Southland Muscadine Grape

Southland Muscadine Grape

Native to Southeastern U.S.

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Introduced by the USDA in 1967, this highly fragrant, very productive muscadine is a favorite among home gardeners. Nothing beats that musky smell . . . unless it's the flavor of these highly sweet berries!

This self-fertile vine is ready to harvest in early fall, one of the last muscadines of the season. Spring brings a scattering of blooms that attract bees, and then the grapes ripen all summer. Small to medium sized, such a dark shade of purple they appear black, and bursting with 17% sugar and lots of juice, Southland is a treat!

The foliage on this deciduous vine is handsome from spring through fall. Oval to triangular, it is bright and glossy, keeping the grape arbor, pergola, or back fence looking lush. Southland is a fast grower in full sun and any well-drained soil.

Bred from seedlings of Thomas x Topsail, Southland is highly disease-resistant and very vigorous. You just need one for fruiting, since it's self-fertile, but you may want to combine it with another variety for greater harvest and two different muscadines. Let Southland pollinate the female muscadine Higgins for a spectacular sight and the best combination of different flavors!

Native to the southeastern U.S., the large leaves on this vigorous vine turn soft shades of gold, adding to the ornamental appeal. Plant in full sun and train up an arbor, fence, or other very sturdy support. Reaches 30 feet or more long if unpruned. Zones 6-10.

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Southland Muscadine Grape
Lindy Stewart from GA wrote on April 02, 2020

We planted all 6 of our Southland Muscadine Grapes and 2 of the plants have not leafed out yet. I'm beginning to wonder if they are going to make it? All of the other 4 Southland Muscadines and the other 6 Higgins Muscadine Grapes are all leafed out and looking nice!