Southwestern Summer Combination (pack of 3)

Southwestern Summer Combination (pack of 3)

Rich Colors and Sweet Fragrance!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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If there is a more colorful, fragrant, or easy to grow combination planting than Southwestern Summer, we demand to see it at once! This magnificent collection of 9 annual plants (three pots, each containing three plants -- 1 of each type) will keep your hanging baskets, flowerpots, and windowboxes bursting with rich color from late spring through fall in most climates -- no matter what extremes the weather may go to!

The Southwestern Summer Combination consists of a Calibrachoa, a Verbena, and a Petunia. Its sweet scent comes from the Verbena, but all three varieties share the credit for the rich, nonstop color and easy care of this planting. Here's a little more information about each of the varieties:

Calibrachoa Callie™ Orange - A bloom machine, with a mounding habit that looks quite dense but also trails up to 20 inches over the sides of containers! Irresistible to hummingbirds, this beautiful bicolor sets masses and masses of 1-inch blooms of deep orange with a handsome red eye. A touch of dry weather is no problem, and punishing heat and humidity are par for the course with this super-tough, easy to grow beauty!

Verbena Lanai® Blue Denim - The Lanai® series is renowned for its resistance to powdery mildew and its exceptional tolerance of high heat, but we love it as much for its sweet fragrance and bright colors! Big nosegays of violet-blue begin early and finish very late -- often not until hard frost -- among bright green leaves on this mounding, trailing plant. Expect it to reach 6 to 10 inches high and cascade up to 2 feet long, every inch studded with brilliant blooms!

Petunia Whispers® Red - Long, long after other Petunias have packed up and disappeared for the season, this beautiful semi-trailing variety will still be tossing up fresh red blooms, both from the crown (the center) and the tip of the stem! Measuring 8 to 12 inches high and trailing nearly 2 feet long, it fills the available space with brilliant scarlet color, and needs no attention to look its best month after month. A workhorse of the garden that you will adore.

By planting 1 of each of these together in a pot, we assure that they grow up and through one another, filling an 8-inch pot effortlessly. Use all 3 pots for a 12-inch basket or large tub, and enjoy months of breathtaking color! Pack of 3 pots.

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