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Sparkle White Gaura Seeds

Sparkle White Gaura Seeds

Grow it as an annual north of its zone 5 hardiness range

(P) Pkt of 25 seeds
Item # 51239-PK-P1
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AAS Winner 2014

Sparkle White is such an improvement in our native gaura that it might as well be a new species. These plants bloom just 3 months after sowing, earlier than all other varieties. Stocky, compact, and very well-branched, they set masses of blooms over a longer-than-ever season . . . and they do all of this without pinching. You're going to love Sparkle White in your border, edging paths, and as a mass planting.

The first gaura ever to win an All-America Selection, Sparkle White is an arching, airy plant, with narrow 1- to 3-inch leaves and masses of long, slender stems set with 2-inch butterfly-shaped white and pink blooms. The wiry stems add lovely architecture to the border, while the blooms bring in butterflies and bees. Expect the first flowers in late spring (up to 3 weeks earlier than other varieties) from an indoor sowing. They'll continue all summer long, delighting you for months. And if you can cut the plant back after the first blooms pass, you'll get an even better-branched, more floriferous Sparkle White next year.

Expect Sparkle White to reach 12 to 24 inches high and to spread about 12 to 18 inches wide. It thrives in full sun in all but the warmest climates, where it appreciates a bit of afternoon shade. A native of Texas and Louisiana, this perennial thrives in dry soil (but with excellent drainage) and doesn't mind heat, humidity, or even drought. It forms a long taproot, finding water deep beneath the surface of the soil. This makes it unsuitable to many containers, but it will thrive in a deep flowerpot.

Gaura is unparalleled for adding airy texture and bobbing color to the border. It combines well with a wide range of plants, and needs no special attention to thrive for many years. Give Sparkle White a try this season, and we predict you'll soon be featuring it in your foundation planting, along the driveway, and even in deep garden tubs and tall flowerpots. Germination is up to 30 days.