Spiral Fluted Watering Globe - Aqua

Spiral Fluted Watering Globe - Aqua

Watering Made Stylish!

9 inches Blue
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Worry no more about wilting leaves and withered blooms with the help of this lovely watering globe! Made from hand-blown glass fashioned into a sphere with decorative crosshatch patterning, this watering aid is as beautiful as it is useful!

The globe holds 12 ounces of water, and refills easily. It attaches to a terracotta stake, about 5 inches long, which tapers to a point with a small hole. Simply sink the tapered end of the stake into the soil, and the globe will drip water out through the hole, hydrating your plants' roots.

You can go on a week's vacation or simply keep tender plants hydrated and happy during dry summer heat with this beautiful orb! It measures 3½ inches in diameter, and comes with a clear stopper at the top, for easy refilling. Nothing could be simpler!

Looking more like a work of art than a useful watering aid, the globe and stake are sold together, and will enhance the beauty of any planting. Best of all, you can leave the watering can alone for days on end! Can be used both indoors and out.