Spring Decorations Combination (pack of 3)

Spring Decorations Combination (pack of 3)

Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Combo!

Just made for 4th of July parties, Spring Decorations lasts all summer and into fall, too! This pleasingly bright, upbeat combination of red, white, and blue blooms is a lovely counterpart to the yellows and pinks of many annual displays, and works as well in the annual bed as it does in your best containers. Find a place of honor for these heat-tolerant, sun-loving, super long-blooming plants!

In this combo you will receive Lobelia Techno® Heat Upright Dark Blue, Petunia Sanguna® Patio Red, and Verbena Lanai® White. The Petunia grabs the spotlight right away with its big blooms of fire-engine red, towering above the Lobelia and Verbena. Sanguna® Patio Red is a semi-trailing plant, very lush and full, that reaches 10 to 12 inches high and can spread, or trail, up to 24 inches long! You will love its imperviousness ot rough weather and environmental stresses, not to mention its tireless bloom strength.

Just below the big red petunia blooms are the white nosegays packed with small, pretty Verbena blooms. Lanai® is known for its heat and humidity tolerance, and these gleaming white blooms freshen up all the colors they touch. Butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds love this plant, so you will enjoy a steady guest roster of pollinators all summer! This verbena reaches 10 to 12 inches high an up to 18 inches wide, and blooms nonstop well into fall in most areas.

Supporting the bold red and white blooms is smaller, but beautifully shaped and colored, Lobelia Techno® Heat Dark Blue. These flowers are butterfly shaped, and combine both azure blue and pure white to lovely effect. They form the base of the display, a rich backdrop to the larger, brighter blooms. Perfect contrast in size, color, and flower form!

This combination includes one plant each of Petunia Sanguna® Patio Red, Lobelia Techno® Heat Upright Dark Blue, and Verbena Lanai® White. Includes three 4-inch pots.

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