Spring Picnic™ Combination

Spring Picnic™ Combination

Enduring Color and Fascinating Texture!

At first glance this looks like a red-white-and-blue combo for the 4th of July, and you will certainly want to show it off on Independence Day. But this combination of 9 plants (3 per 4-inch pot) is more: a pair of brilliant Verbenas that begin blooming in spring, joined by a rich dark blue Calibrachoa to see you through summer and right into fall!

Spring Picnic will probably be the first annual combo to bloom in your container garden. Verbena Lanai® Scarlet with Eye and Upright Lime Green are both early off the mark, opening their circlets of bright color before the summer heat arrives. Pretty white-eyed Lanai® Scarlet is a trailing variety, just 8 inches high but cascading fully 16 inches over the sides of baskets, planters, and window boxes. Lanai® Upright Lime Green, as its name suggests, stands taller -- 16 inches high -- and spreads 16 inches wide. So you know you will have both height and trailing glory with this pair!

And then there's Calibrachoa Callie® Dark Blue, prepared to set hundreds upon hundreds of intensely colored blooms over its endless warm-weather season. Just 6 to 8 inches high, it can trail 24 inches, tossing up blooms every step of the way. And like the Verbenas, this annual flowers right through the strongest summer sun, heat, humidity, rain, and drought.

We have set one plant of each type into every 4-inch pot, so the 2 Verbenas and the Calibrachoa grow up and through one another, creating a "pre-mixed" combination of colors and forms you will love. You only need 1 pot per 6-inch flowerpot. Use 2 pots for an 8- to 10-inch pot or basket, and all 3 for a 12-inch or larger container.

Spring Picnic, like a welcome friend, comes early and stays late. You will miss it when it finally passes, because it has been such a constant in your garden for months. Make this low maintenance, brilliant-color combo the centerpiece of your patio or deck this year! Pack of three 4-inch pots (9 plants in all).

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