Spring Symphony Foamflower

Spring Symphony Foamflower

Dreamy Groundcover!

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Native American perennial Foamflower has never looked so beautiful! Spring Symphony combines all the best attributes of the family and creates a feathery, airy presence in the shade garden. You will love its combination of sweet fragrance, puffball blooms, variegated leaves, and semi-evergreen habit!

This easy-to-grow shade lover covers itself from late spring through early summer in pastel-pink to white flowers, so airy and light they almost appear to be floating. The foliage is quite low -- jsut 6 inches high -- but these flower wands add another 10 inches or so to the height, standing up like sentinels yet as light as feathers! No wonder Tiarella is called Foamflower!

Butterflies adore these blooms, but even after they pass, Spring Symphony remains attractive. Unusual leaves of olive green are strongly marked with black, creating a distinctively different look. They keep their variegation throughout the summer heat, and will be evergreen in moderate and warmer climates.

This compact, clumping plant reaches about 10 inches wide, which isn't nearly enough space to show off its good looks, so you will want to plant it in groups of at least three. Very resistant to pests and diseases (that native vigor!), it shows its best black variegation in cooler weather. Autumn is a splendid season for Spring Symphony!

Spring Symphony works well in front of Hostas, and with other native perennials. Somewhat resistant to deer (it's far from their first choice of meals in the shade garden!), Spring Symphony is trouble-free and very easy to grow, with blooms the first year in your garden.