Squirrel Feeder Table & Chair

Squirrel Feeder Table & Chair

Bring Backyard Wildlife to the Table for Dinner!

Natural Wood
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Okay, our hat is off to whoever came up with this adorable wildlife feeding station. A huge improvement over the simple "nail stuck out of a board" concept of mounting cob corn and suet cakes for backyard critters to enjoy, the Squirrel Feeder Table & Chair adds a note of Disney-like fantasy to feeding squirrels, chipmunks, large birds, and raccoons!

The little chair, made of Western Red Cedar, is just the right size and shape for a squirrel to perch upon as he nibbles from the treat placed on the 3-inch screw in the center of the round table. For all the world, animals look as though they are seated at the table for dinner! You expect to see a napkin in their lap and hear the "Amen" from grace before they tuck into their food!

The table and chair set is all mountd onto a simple cedar plank, with the back of the chair serving as the side to be nailed onto the tree trunk, wooden post, fence, or other vertical support. The whole thing is simple and ingenious, just the accent you need to bring a smile to garden guests' faces and to enjoy yourself during those long summer evenings when darkness comes late and the animals dare to explore a bit.

The overall measurements of this feeding station are 8¾ inche high, 3½ inches wide, and 9½ inches long. Sweet-smelling cedar is very long-lasting in the elements, and the simple design is timeless. Make the backyard critters part of a giant dollhouse of your own devising with this charming feeder!