Sriracha Violet Cuphea Seeds

Great for hot summers and tough climates

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Like the spicy chili sauce for which it is named, Sriracha Violet adds brilliance and stand-up-and-notice-me zest to any setting. This Bat-faced Cuphea offers large, wide-open rosy red blooms from late spring all the way into fall, lasting right through the worst heat and drought of summer. You've got to try it.

Selected for its excellent branching and compact habit, Sriracha reaches about 24 to 30 inches high and wide, every bit of which sports bright blooms at the height of the long, long season. And it's ready in no time—sow it indoors just before your last scheduled spring frost, then plant it out when the soil is warm. You'll be enjoying the first blooms in no time.

Sriracha's blooms have a papery consistency that may remind you of Bougainvillea or Oriental poppies. This gives them a delicate look, but in fact they are unstoppable, continuing to arise freely throughout summer and into autumn in most climates. This plant loves heat and doesn't mind drying out between waterings, so you can plant it fearlessly in containers without worrying about it wilting in the sweltering August temperatures.

Grow Sriracha as an annual, filling beds and pots with these super-quick, super easy-to-grow plants. They are both upright and spreading, filling in nicely and never needing support. You won't believe the flower power. Sriracha is the first Bat-faced Cuphea to be available from seed in separate colors, and we hope many more will follow.