Stainless Dandelion Weeder

Stainless Dandelion Weeder

Effective option for removing tap rooted weeds!

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This dandelion weeder is traditional and effective, this garden weeding tool offers an organic, chemical-free option for removing tap rooted weeds such as dandelions. The sharp point penetrates ground easily and can be pushed deep into the soil, as this tool is longer than most standard endorsed hand tool range. The notched V-shaped tip digs out the root deep underground, which can then be removed whole. This tool is simple, clever, and safe! The stainless steel of this weed remover is extremely resistant to rust, so it will stay looking good for years to come. A strong leather cord allows the weeder to be hung up when not in use, to keep things clean in your shed.

This stainless steel dandelion weeder is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society!