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Stainless Steel 3-piece Hand Tool Set

Stainless Steel 3-piece Hand Tool Set

All the tools for success in your garden!

Stainless Steel
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This set has everything you need to plant bulbs, seedlings and sprouts easily and quickly. It makes the perfect starter-kit for the beginner, and for the seasoned gardener who needs a replacement for old, worn tools. Even the box it comes in it useful! The wooden box can be used to store a number of things, from the tools that arrive in it, to seed packets (and it's the perfect size for these!).

Joseph Bentley has been designing garden tools since 1895, so they know exactly what they're doing! Each of these tools is crafted from FSC certified oak and stainless steel, ensuring that they last a lifetime. You won't be disappointed with these tools, and they will quickly become your favorites, and a go-to in your garden.

The garden fork is designed to weed and cultivate, and you'll use it for almost every project in your garden! Pulling up dying plants from the roots and carving out furrows in newly-turned spring soil has never been easier. The tool measures 12 inches long with a 3-tined blade that won't bend or break, even with hard use.

Ideal for planting and digging smaller holes, the hand trowel is perfect for those hard-to-reach spaces, when a shovel is too big. The polished stainless steel blade won't adhere to the soil, making digging and planting super quick. It even comes with a leather hanging strap for easy storage and organization

Plant bulbs and seeds at just the right depth with the transplanting trowel, which is etched with measurements for precision. The curved, sharp blade makes digging a breeze, and will allow for smooth transplanting, without spillage. This tool also comes with a handy, leather hanging strap.