Stainless Steel Hand Fork

Stainless Steel Hand Fork

Certain to become your go-to cultivator!

Stainless Steel
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It's the one tool that never leaves your garden apron or wheelbarrow: the all-purpose hand fork, designed to weed and cultivate but actually used for everything from pulling up dying plants by the roots to carving out furrows in newly-turned spring soil for the vegetable seeds. Many a garden fork has bent or broken over the course of its hard life, but this stainless steel and wood model is a different sort of tool altogether. You will have it for countless seasons, put it to unreasonable uses, and find that it's just as true and unbowed as ever.

This hand fork is fully 12 inches long, unlike the more compact sort that never reaches as far as you want it to. The blade (3 tines) is about 4 inches long, with the remainder devoted to shaft and handle. The wood in the handle is FSC certified, so you know it was responsibly grown and harvested. And the steel is so tough, you can put it to all sorts of tests and it will not bend or bow.

Efficient, top-quality, and attractive, this is the tool that has tended some of the world's best gardens. Let them help you tend for yours, too! 1 lb.