Stainless Steel Hand-held Onion Hoe

Stainless Steel Hand-held Onion Hoe

Tend Your Vegetable Patch Like a Pro!

Stainless Steel
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It's called an onion hoe, but this ultra-strong, durable hand-held garden tool is useful for so much more! Ideal for weeding and breaking up soil, its unique shape enables it to get between plants in tight places, cut straight lines and furrows, and lift out root vegetables (as well as the rootballs of plants) without damage.

Constructed of polished stainless steel and FSC certified oak wood, this hoe measures 17¾ inches long and 4⅓ inches wide at the blade. The business end has a beveled edge, quite sharp, of polished steel so that less soil adheres to it as you move it about through the soil. The shaft is also stainless steel, fitting smoothly into a contoured, tapered handle that is easy to grip. There is even a leather carry strap so you can attach the hoe to your garden belt, slip it over the handle of the wheelbarrow, and store it above the potting bench for easy access and visibility.

The design of this hoe is classic Dutch, popular for centuries as a multi-purpose garden tool. It's sharp enough to cut through tough soil and sod, yet smooth on the sides to gently lift root vegetables and rootballs without damaging them. It's great for ruffling up mulch to improve aeration, cutting quick holes, and hilling up soil. You'll also find it a great all-around weeder.

The onion hoe comes from Joseph Bentley, the source of the best garden tools since 1895. You will find its craftsmanship impeccable and its durability amazing. Add this to your toolkit for the garden this season, and enjoy it for many years to come. 1 lb.