Stainless Steel Hand-held Weeding Knife

Stainless Steel Hand-held Weeding Knife

Digs out weeds, lifts out moss between stepping-stones, and reaches tricky places!

Stainless Steel
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You may feel like the Grim Reaper as you wield this fabulous tool, but rest assured that all your reaping will be benign! The weeding knife from Joseph Bentley is a fantastic hand tool for lifting out weeds, digging up moss and other unwanted plants between paving-stones, and generally reaching very tight spots inaccessible to most other tools!

The sharp, scythe-shaped blade at the end of the tool is great for digging deep in the cracks and joins of the pavement, reaching beneath rocks and other garden presences, and lifting out offending weeds by the roots. If you have a full, bushy plant that tends to get weeds right near the central stem, you can angle the weeding knife right down to the exact spot without disturbing a branch on your plant! And for bigger jobs, use the long knife edge of the blade to slice and sweep!

The hand-held weeding knife is made from polished stainless steel and FSC certified oak. It is nearly 12 inches long and 3 inches wide, not including the handy leather strap for carrying and storing this tool. Ultra-dependable and attractive as well as ergonomically designed, it will last you a lifetime. ½ pound.