Starter Pellet Fiber Greenhouse

Starter Pellet Fiber Greenhouse

36 coco pellets get your seedlings off to a great start!

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It's the future of seed-starting, and it's here! This fiber seed-starting tray is recycled and 100% bio-degradable. Boasting 36 coco pellets to get seedlings off to a great start, it's the most eco-friendly way yet to begin the garden -- and leave no trace behind except wonderful plants!

Measuring 11 inches wide and long, the bottom tray stands 2½ inches high. Add the clear plastic dome (also recycled and completely bio-degradable) and it's 5 inches high. You can start 36 seedlings in these coco pellets, controlling the temperature and humidity by raising or lowering the dome. Bottom-feed from the watertight base of the tray to encourage the roots to grow down and out. You'll see big, healthy seedlings in no time!

After the seedlings have all been transplanted, simply toss the Starter Pellet Fiber Greenhouse on the compost pile. Soon it, too, will be "growing" in your garden! What could be simpler or better for the environment?