Starting Seeds this Winter? Rely on the Bio Dome!

BIODOMES Starting Seeds this Winter? Rely on the Bio Dome!

This is seed catalog season! During the short days of winter, millions of Americans pore over brightly illustrated pages, dreaming of the lush summer garden they can grow from seed. There is only one problem. Many people have never started plants from seed before. And for a novice, germinating and growing plants from seed can be intimidating. Perhaps that's one reason that Park Seed's Bio Dome has been such a runaway bestseller for the past 15 years.

The appeal of the Bio Dome is its ability to help anyone start seeds easily and successfully. The easy instructions let anyone start sowing their seeds within minutes.

That's good news for today's gardeners, especially those seeking to start seeds indoors in late winter and transplant the seedlings in spring. Not all seeds are suitable for transplanting: larger seeds, such as beans and corn, do best when sown directly into the garden. But many vegetable, herb, and flower seeds are far easier to begin indoors, where they will not be washed away by rains, killed by a late frost, or devoured by birds. And for some gardeners, particularly those in the North, the growing season (the number of days between the final spring frost and the first fall frost) is so short that unless plants are started indoors in late winter, they will not reach maturity.

Enter the Bio Dome! This simple system consists of a clear dome with adjustable vents that fits onto a deep tray in which a Styrofoam planting block floats. The planting block contains either 60, 40, or 18 planting cells, each containing a porous rooting material called a "bio sponge." The combination of humidity control, bottom-watering, and good air circulation results in quick germination and healthy seedling growth. With the Bio Dome, even finicky seeds have optimal growth conditions. And there is never a wasted seed, because you sow only one per bio sponge.

This is a key factor for budget-conscious gardeners. Seed packets, which used to average 50 to 100 seeds, are more likely these days to contain 30, 15, or as few as five. When it seems like every seed counts, a good germination system is key.

Park's Bio Dome has been the bestselling product for Park Seed for many years, and with new Millennials entering the home gardening market every year, its popularity is still "growing." All sizes of the Bio Dome, plus replacement bio sponges, are available at

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Happy gardening!