Hemerocallis Stella Supreme

Hemerocallis Stella Supreme

Lemon Delight!

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This bold trumpet Daylily will keep your feet tapping throughout the year with its rich, yellow blooms and always green foliage! The soft lemon color, unique form and fine texture of Stella Supreme, combined with its easy care and reliable durability, make it a popular choice in mixed beds, borders and containers as well as mass plantings.

Blooming from late spring until the first frost, Stella Supreme features spectacular, triangular flowers with curled-back chiffon petals atop tall, leafless stems artfully mixed in with clumps of grass-like leaves. Hummingbirds and butterflies are regular visitors to a rebloomer known for its resistant to urban pollutants, adaptability to poor soil and ability to crowd out weeds and provide colorful groundcover.

Enhanced with an enticing citrus aroma, Stella Supreme's blooms, usually about 3 inches in diameter, feature 6 showy petals and a pale green throat. The flowers are held on branched clusters above the foliage. Each day a new bud opens, replacing the previous day's bloom!

Best in full sun to light shade, this daylily will form a larger and larger plant, and should be divided every 3 or 4 years to keep the flowering at its peak (and to add splendid new baby Stella Supremes to your garden, of course!) Some shearing of the long, slender, strappy leaves will keep new growth emerging, fresh and pretty, all season.

Growing as tall as 18 inches, Stella Supreme thrives when planted in drifts, providing a palette of creamy lemon color for your garden. Beautiful, easy to grow, and ultra-dependable, it's an excellent option for the sunny border, foundation, meadow garden, street plantings, and more! Zones 3-9.