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A large-flowered variety | Blooms on both old and new wood

Clematis Still Waters™ is a showy, perennial, large-flowered clematis offering late spring to late summer interest, blooming heavily for 4 to 6 weeks in spring with good repeat blooming throughout the summer. Free flowering, the plant sets large, icy violet-blue flowers with red-purple tipped stamens in the center. The single flowers have a round shape in spring, becoming star-shaped in summer. The plant blooms on old and new wood, and at maturity, the vine is fully covered in flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Clematis Still Waters™, a deciduous, herbaceous climbing vine, has a compact, twining, and trailing growth habit of bright green foliage that stays fresh and attractive all season. There is an old saying about clematis' growth rate: The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap. Train clematis to climb a trellis, arbor, post, or fence, adding vertical interest. Or allow it to amble along the ground, meandering gracefully through the shrubbery. But for something really special, pair it with a climbing rose, allowing the nimble clematis to twine its way around the sturdy rose stalks. The two will elegantly mingle blooms in the early season, but the clematis will carry it through the heat of summer and the rose will pick up again in fall as the clematis' blooms fade.

Easy to grow and disease resistant, Clematis Still Waters™ prefers cool, moist, well-drained soil and full sun to part shade. Good site selection is key. So, remember the adage for success with clematis when planting: feet in the shade, head in the sun. The plant should be placed where the leaves get plenty of sunshine (approx. 6 hours), but the roots are shaded and kept cool, either by low-growing, evergreen shrubs or by heavy mulch. Good drainage is important, and extremely wet locations should be avoided. Protect plants from strong winds but allow good air circulation.

A Group 2 large-flowered clematis (includes rebloomers that produce flowers on old wood in late spring/early summer and often bloom again on new wood in late summer or fall), Clematis Still Waters™ should be pruned moderately in late winter to early spring before blooming has begun. Remove dead wood and cut the remaining stems 6 to 8 inches, to the topmost pair of large, plump green buds. Trim just enough to encourage new growth without losing promising buds. Deadheading is unnecessary. If training to climb, loosely tie the vines to their structure at this time.

Uses: Specimen or Focal Point, Borders, Edging, Landscapes, Screening, Containers


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Genus Clematis
Variety 'Zostiwa'
ppaf 29,372
Item Form 1-Quart
Zone 5 - 9
Bloom Start to End Early Summer - Late Summer
Clematis Pruning Group 2
Habit Vining
Plant Height 4 ft - 7 ft
Plant Width 24 in - 3 ft
Bloom Size 4 in
Restrictions *Due to state restrictions we cannot ship to the following:
Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Idaho

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