Sambucus Laced Up™

Sambucus Laced Up™

A Dramatic Black and Pink Color Scheme for Summer

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Invite daring contrast into your garden with the foliage, flowers and fruits of this unique perennial. Laced Up™ is a charming elderberry shrub with eye-catching night dark foliage and baby pink flowers in early summer. These flowers become dark berries if a pollinator such as Black Beauty or Black Lace is planted near it.

Sporting a upright habit, this plant rarely needs pruning to look great in any landscape. Since it is upright and takes up less space, it is perfect for smaller gardens and yards. This plant can be harmful to pets, so be sure to take extra caution - although the scent usually tends to discourage animals from coming too close.

Zones 4-7. Part to Full Sun. Height: 72-120 inches. Width: 36-48 inches.