Strawberry Eversweet

Strawberry Eversweet

Your Perfect Patio Strawberry!

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Bred for the ultra-hot summer temperatures of the south and west, Eversweet is an everbearing strawberry that even gardeners in the Midwest and Atlantic coast find irresistible! (Who doesn't have long, hot summers these days?!) Perfect for patio containers and growin' bags as well as garden beds, this self-pollinating wonder continues to set large, firm, juicy-sweet berries all summer long, no matter what the weather does!

Long after other strawberries have folded up their tent for the season, Eversweet continues to set big, conical berries of brightest red. And that is only one of its merits: it also offers pretty white spring blooms and handsome foliage of olive-green. At just 8 to 10 inches high and up to a foot wide, it makes a great choice for strawberry jars and growing bags, so you can set it on the blazing deck, balcony, or patio without a second thought. No need to seek shade on August afternoons when Eversweet is your strawberry!

Eversweet sets a big crop early in the summer season, then continues to bear smaller crops each 6 weeks or so. In warm and mild climates, it continues into fall. The average output per plant is 1 to 2 pints, and it has been observed to keep bearing after temperatures top 100 degrees!

You will begin craving these delicious berries from the moment you sample your first Eversweet! Start the strawberry garden of your dreams today -- and don't forget to pick up some Growin' Bags for fuss-free, off-the-ground easy growing! Pack of 20.

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Exceptional strawberry plants!
Martha Curtis-year round home gardener from AL wrote on March 28, 2020

I bought Eversweet berry plants because it said it would survive the South's heat, as I live in Alabama just 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. When they arrived, I hadn't got the dirt for the raised bed for them, so they had to go in a large pot for a couple of weeks. All of them had healthy, long roots and even in the pot they leafed out in a few days. Once transplanted they continued to leaf out quickly and now there are some blooms already. It's been very hot here the whole month, but they look great. I can't wait for the berries. I've always been very pleased with Park's seed for my vegetables and flowers. Now I can say their plants are exceptional also. Thanks Park's Seed!

Fast growth.
Jera523 from GA wrote on March 23, 2020

I’ve had these in grow bags for 2 weeks and they are already green and leafy! They had no problem coming out bare root dormancy and growing like mad right away. I’ve had the berries before and they are great! Looking forward to when these start to fruit!