Strawberry Patch Tower with Saucer

Strawberry Patch Tower with Saucer

Grow Delicious Strawberries the Space-Saving Way!

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What a fun and sensible way to grow your strawberries! The three deep planters in this stackable system each hold up to 9 plants, so you can grow an entire "patch" of berries in less space that you'd imagine possible! Made of durable, natural cedar wood with a plastic drainage tray for indoor growing, the Strawberry Patch Tower is a terrific way to maximize your growing space while adding an attractive element to kitchen, patio, or deck!

Made in USA, each of these tiers is 12 inches wide and deep. When stacked, the unit stands about 9 inches high. The natural cedar wood is easy to care for and very durable, resisting shrinking, warping, swelling, and other damage from the environment. And the Strawberry Patch Tower includes a drainage tray for indoor use.

Although designed to hold strawberries -- the three tiers accommodate up to 28 strawberry plants! -- this planter is also suitable for herbs, low-growing and trailing flowering plants, and more. It makes a splendid presence on a table beside a window, and adds a lovely note to porch, patio, or deck. What a fine gift for a gardening friend who never has enough space to grow all the plants they want!

Plan for years of reliable performance from the Strawberry Patch Tower, indoors or out. Stock up on several so you can always have a "crop" on the go! 12 inches wide, 12 inches deep, 9 inches high.