Strawberry Plants

A favorite fruit for the home garden

The versatility, sweet to tart flavor and delicious aroma of strawberries make them one of the most popular fruits for home gardens. With many growth methods, from raised beds, planter boxes and hanging bags to matted or spaced rows, strawberries readily provide years of ample harvests. 

Pick from our strawberry varieties including June-bearing (one crop during a two- to four-week period in spring), everbearing (fruits in spring, summer and fall) or day-neutral (fruits throughout the season) strawberries. Your strawberry plants will arrive ready to plant at the correct time for your growing zone. That’s because, at Park Seed, we do the work for you by growing all our strawberry seeds ourselves, so you can have a plant ready to put in the ground when it arrives at your doorstep.

Space according to the instructions, as each plant will produce strawberries in the first year, but they will also start to produce more plants! Each strawberry plant will send out runners that will grow little baby plants. You can make sure each new plant will survive by making sure it is in contact with the soil. If you want to start a new bed, allow them to root and then dig up or simply fill a small pot with soil and place the runner so that the new plant is lying on the potted soil. Once it is rooted, you can cut the new plant from the mother plant and relocate.

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruit crops to grow. Plant them in full sun. The soil should be fertile and well draining. Strawberry plants don’t like to be in standing water. Mulching under the plants will help keep the fruit clean and dry. 

Get ready for dessert with every strawberry you pop in your mouth. These strawberries can’t be beat for flavor and sweetness even when eaten right out in the garden. Don’t forget to save some for freezing or making jam, so you can have a taste of summer all winter long.