Strike It Rich® Grandiflora Rose

Strike It Rich® Grandiflora Rose

Spicy-sweet Golden Blooms Blushed with Ruby!

What a lovely combination of rich red-toned golden color and citrusy-clove aroma! Strike it Rich® won a 2007 All-American Rose Selection when it was introduced, and one glance (or sniff!) shows you why!

This vigorous, thorny plant sets huge clusters of extra-long, elegantly pointed, ovoid buds that combine rose, pink, and gold tones on red stems. The buds open to fully double, 5-inch blooms (each comprised of 30 to 37 petals) of rich golden-yellow with orange-pink highlights and a strong citrusy clove scent. Long-lasting and perfectly formed, they look great in garden and vase alike!

Strike it Rich® has a bushy, well-branched, and naturally disease-resistant habit, reaching a mature size of 5 to 6 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide. The extra prickly thorns help keep pests away, and the natural vigor of this plant keeps it growing and blooming well for many a year. The foliage is dark green and semi-glossy, staying fresh from spring into fall.

To best care for Strike it Rich®, site it in well-drained soil receiving full sun. Prune it well in early spring, removing dead wood and crossed canes. Water and feed generously all season long. That's about all there is to maintaining this beautiful award-winner!