Success With Seeds Clivia

Clivia Germination Information

Clivia is the botanical name for Kaffir Lily
Clivia Seed Germination How to Sow Clivia:
  • The seeds will arrive ripe and fresh and should be sown immediately upon receipt
  • Maintain a temperature within the medium of 75° F during germination which takes 30 days or more
  • When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

How to Grow Clivia:
Early Growth: Grow indoors in light to moderate shade, with cool winter night (50-55°) and a rich, well drained soil

Water & Soil: Water plants sparingly and feed biweekly with a standard houseplant fertilizer during the growth period

Additional Care: Do not feed during the resting period from October to January and do not remove the foliage. When growth starts, raise the night temperature to 65° F. Clivia blooms the best when pot bound and should be repotted every 4-5 years

Appearance and Use:

Clivia is used as a houseplant with colorful blooms and evergreen foliage or as a shade plant for mild climates. Broad, straplike, evergreen foliage grows from thick bulbous roots. Clusters of 10-18 trumped-shaped blooms in orange and scarlet with yellow centers are borne from March through June atop 12- to 18- inch stems. Plants reach 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide and produce small, berrylike fruit

About Clivia:
Pronunciation:  kli’vi-a
Origination: Amaryllidaceae; native to South Africa
Common Name:Kaffir Lily