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How to Grow Cyclamen

Cyclamen Germination Information

Cyclamen Seed Germination How to Sow Cyclamen:
  • For winter blooms, sow indoors in spring
  • Cover the seeds with four times their thickness in soil
  • alternate the temperature within the medium between 55° F nights and 72° F days
  • Outdoors sowing is not recommended
  • Plants bloom 6-10 months from sowing

How to Grow Cyclamen:
For C. Persicum:
Temperature:  Grow indoors with cool (50-55° F) nights in diffused light. Plants require high humidity so grow in a greenhouse, mist the foliage regularly

Watering: Treat the plants as annuals and provide heavy watering

Additional Care: When the flowers fade, withhold water unit the foliage dies; repot in the fall. Can be plant outdoors in the fall for winter and spring bloom in warmer climates

For Cyclamen species:
Spacing: Plant 3-4 inches apart in part shade or shade in a humus-rich soil with excellent drainage

Watering: Keep moist during the growing season

Appearance and Use:

Perennial types do well in shade or woodland gardens. C. persicum is a florist’s plant used as a house plant. Tuberous rooted plants, 6-12 inches tall and -12 inches wide, are winter blooming indoors. Marbled, heart-shaped foliage is light to dark green and often has silver stems and markings. Shooting starlike blooms, 2-3 inches wide, of white, red, pink, salmon, and lavender can be single, doubled, or fringed. The flowers arise from December to March

About Cyclamen:
Pronunciation:  sigh-kla-men
Lifecycle:  Perennial/Tender Perennial
Origination: Primulaceae; native to the Mediterranean
Common Name:Cyclamen