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How to Grow Dianthus Hybrids

Dianthus Hybrids Germination Information

Dianthus is the botanical name for China Pink and Sweet William
Dianthus Hybrids Seed Germination How to Sow Dianthus Hybrids:
  • Sow outdoors in spring, 6-8 weeks before transplanting outdoors
  • Cover the seeds with four times their thickness in soil
  • Germinates in 5-10 days
  • Maintain a temperature of 68-70° F.
  • When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

How to Grow Dianthus Hybrids:
Spacing:  Space 6-12 inches apart in full sun

Soil:  Soil needs to be rich, well drained and alkaline. To aid in drainage, lighten the soil with sand or gravel

Temperature: In warmer climates, the plants require protection from hot afternoon sun

Additional Care: Feed with a balanced, low nitrogen fertilizer in spring and cut back after flowering to ensure continuous blooming. Susceptible to fungal diseases, slugs and sowbugs

Appearance and Use:

Dianthus, an easy-to-grow source of long-lasting blooms for cutting, may be grown as an edging, in borders, beds, and containers. Single or double blooms, 1/2- to 1- inch wide, in shades of white, red, pink, rose, or lavender in solids or bicolors

Chinensis (China Pink): Gray-green foliage on plants, 6-24 inches tall and 6-9 inches wide

Barbatus (annual Sweet William): Sweetly fragrant blooms

Barbatus X D. Chinensis: Bred to flower profusely the first year, these hybrids should be grown as annuals or short-lived perennials. 6-12 inches tall. Blooms 3 months from seed with single to double, fringed, lacy blooms above blue-green foliage. Heat tolerant

About Dianthus Hybrids:
Pronunciation:  di-an’-thus
Lifecycle:  Annual*
Origination: Caryophyllaceae; native to Europe and China
Common Names:China Pink and Sweet William

*Short lived, or tender perennials grown as annuals