Success With Seeds Helianthus Maximilianii

Helianthus Maximilianii Germination Information

Helianthus Maximilianii is the botanical name for Prairie Sunflower
Helianthus Maximilianii Seed Germination How to Sow Helianthus Maximilianii:
  • Sow indoors at 55-72° (will germinate over a wide temperature range) at a depth of 4 times the diameter of the seeds
  • Expect germination in 15 days
  • Can be sown outdoors in early spring while the soil is still cool or in fall, up to two months before first frost
  • When sowing outdoors, sow at a depth same as indoors and expect germination in 15-20 days
  • When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

How to Grow Helianthus Maximilianii:
Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves

Spacing: Space plants 21/2-3 feet apart in full sun in almost any soil short of water-logged

Soil: Very tolerant of drought and heat

Appearance and Use:

A giant for the back of the border and for cut flower use. Habit is upright from 10-12 tall by 3 feet wide. The 3-inch-diameter, daisy-like flowers heads are borne on spikes late in the season from August to October. The disk-shaped flowers are brown while the showy ray florets are yellow. Bees love the flowers and birds love the seeds. The coarse-textured leaves are medium green and lanceolate to 12 inches long

About Helianthus Maximilianii:
Pronunciation:  he-le-an’thus mak-si-mil-i-an’e-i
Lifecycle:  Perennial
Origination: Asteraceae, native to midwestern America
Common Name: Prairie Sunflower