Success With Seeds Lavatera

Lavatera Germination Information

Lavatera is the botanical name for Tree Mallow
Lavatera Seed Germination How to Sow Lathyrus:
  • Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost, at a temperature of 68-70°
  • Expect germination in 15-20 days
  • For conservatory culture, sow seeds in fall for a winter through spring flower display indoors/li>
  • If sown indoors for planting out, sow in a transplantable medium so as to disturb the roots as little as possible
  • For outdoor use, seeds are best sown outdoors after danger of frost is past in the spring
  • If sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

How to Grow Lavatera:
Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves

Spacing: Outdoors, space plants 24 inches apart in full sun in an acidic, average, well-drained soil

Soil: Feed monthly with a balanced fertilizer. Indoors, rich, porous soil that is allowed to dry out between waterings

Additional Care: Indoors and out, deadhead to extend the flowering season and to keep plants tidy

Appearance and Use:

A vigorous and floriferous plant for use in borders, as a backdrop or screen, hedging material, and in the greenhouse. Flowers cut nicely for fresh use. The habit is upright from 21/2-4 feet with hairy stems and maple-like leaves. The 21/2-3 inch, cup-like, summer-appearing flowers resemble hollyhocks and are pink or white in color

About Lavatera:
Pronunciation:  lav-å-te’rå
Lifecycle:  Annual*
Origination: Malvaceae; native to the Mediterranean
Common Name: Tree Mallow

*Grown as an annual, but is really a short-lived perennial in Zones 7 to 10