Success With Seeds Lima Bean/Butter Bean

Lima Bean/Butter Bean Germination Information

Lima Bean/Butter Bean Seed Germination How to Sow Lima Bean/Butter Bean :
  • Innoculate with a nitrogen-fixing bacteria prior to sowing
  • Seeds are best sown outdoors in situ after all danger of frost is past in the spring and when the soil is warm
  • Seeds can also be sown indoors 4 weeks before planting them out in a warm soil
  • Sow them in individual pots at a temperature of 70-75°
  • Indoors and out, expect germination in 7-10 days
  • It is 8-10 weeks between sowing and fruit production
  • When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

How to Grow Lima Bean/Butter Bean:
Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves

Spacing: Space bush varieties 3-6 inches apart in rows spaced 18-24 inches apart. Space pole varieties 6-8 inches apart in rows 36 inches apart

Soil: Site in full sun in a rich, sandy, moist, well-drained soil. Feed with a 1-2-2 ratio fertilizer prior to planting and again when 6-8 inches tall

Additional Care: Pole varieties require a trellis, fence, tripod, or other structure on which to grow. The plants need a long, mild growing season; pole varieties may not produce in colder climates

Appearance and Use:

Lima Beans are produced by this vigorous vining or bushing, annual plant. Each pod contains 2-3 of the meaty, nutty Lima Beans. Harvest when the seeds are plump and full size, but before the pods turn yellow. Shell them before cooking. To dry them, allow to remain on the plant until they turn brown and begin to shatter

About Lima Bean/Butter Bean:
Botanical name: Phaseolus lunatus
Pronunciation:  få-se’o-lus lu-na’tus
Lifecycle:  Perennial
Origination: Fabaceae; native to tropical America