Success With Seeds Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet Germination Information

Salad Burnet Seed Germination How to Sow Salad Burnet:
  • Sow seeds indoors at a temperature of 68-70° and at a depth of 4 times the size of the seeds
  • Expect germination in 8-10 days
  • Alternatively, sow seeds outdoors when the soil is warm in the spring or summer
  • Seeds can be sown outdoors up to two months before first frost
  • When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

How to Grow Salad Burnet:
Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves

Spacing: Plant seedlings 12-15 inches apart

Lighting: Site in full sun to part shade

Soil: Site in an alkaline, poor, infertile, sandy, well-drained soil. Fertilizing is not necessary. Very tolerant of shallow and low fertility soils

Additional Care:  Old leaves will need to be periodically removed and the plants should be cut back after flowering to prevent them from self-sowing. Very tolerant of heat and cold, however, they are not very drought tolerant

Appearance and Use:

Grown in herb gardens for the cucumber-flavored leaves that are used in soups, salads, and iced drinks. It grows as a 11/2- 21/2 feet tall by 2 feet wide, mounded, rosette of odd pinnately compound leaves. The leaves stay evergreen in warm climates and the individual leaflets are 1/2 inch, rounded, finely cut, and green in color. The leaves can be harvested at any time for fresh use or for drying. The leaves should last a week after being harvested. White or rose flowers appear in early summer

About Salad Burnet:
Botanical name: Sanguisorba minor
Pronunciation:  sang-gwi-sôr’bå mi’nôr
Lifecycle:  Perennial
Origination: Rosaceae; native to Europe and west Asia