Success With Seeds Senecio

Senecio Germination Information

Senecio is the botanical name for Dusty Miller
Senecio Seed Germination How to Sow Senecio:
  • For best results, sow indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost at temperature of 60-70 degrees
  • Seed germinates in 10-15 days
  • When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

How to Grow Senecio:
Light and Soil:  Plant in full sun to light shade in moist, well-drained soil

Temperature: Senecio prefers a warm to hot climate

Spacing: Space 8-10 inches apart
Appearance and Use:

Senecios are grown for their ornamental foliage and make nice additions to borders, bedding and edging, and showy container displays
Where hardy, the daisy like, yellow or cream flowers appear in late summer of the second year from seed. Senecio viravira grows 8-24 inches and has 3 inch, silvery white foliage that is more deeply cut than the above. Daisy-like, white flowers appear in the late summer and have no ray petals.

About Senecio:
Pronunciation:  se-ne'se-o
Lifecycle:  Annual
Origination: Amaranth family (Amaranthaceae); native to Argentina
Common Name: Dusty Miller