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How to Grow Spiderwort and Moses-in-the-Cradle

Tradescantia Germination Information

Tradescantia is the botanical name for Spiderwort/Moses-in-the-Cradle
Tradescantia Seed Germination How to Sow Tradescantia:
  • Best sown indoors at alternating temperature of 68 and 86°
  • Germination will occur in 20-30 days
  • It is not recommended to sow the seeds outdoors

How to Grow Tradescantia:
Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves

Spacing: Space T. virginiana 12-15 inches apart in full sun to light shade

Soil: For T. virginiana, site in a rich, moist, well-drained soil, however, it is very tolerant of poor soil conditions.

Lighting: Grow T. spathacea indoors in bright light.

Additional Care: Pinch plants to keep compact and to promote branching and deadhead to encourage continued flowering. Both species are very tolerant of heat and humidity

Appearance and Use:

Tradescantia virginiana is planted in borders and used in naturalized situations from Zones 4-9. Habit is spreading to 24 inches wide by 12-24 inches tall, the green leaves are linear, and the flowers are blue, purple, white, pink, or red. The variation within the flowers is so pronounced that it is often considered a hybrid among North American species and is termed T. x andersoniana. Outside of Zones 9-11, T. spathacea (Rhoeo discolor) is grown as a house/conservatory plant. It is of spreading habit with white flowers and linear, green foliage that is purple on the underside

About Tradescantia:
Pronunciation:  trad-es-kan’shi-å
Lifecycle:  Perennial
Origination: Commelinaceae, T. virginiana is native to the U.S., T. spathacea to tropical America
Common Name: Spiderwort/Moses-in-the-Cradle