Sugar Enhanced Corn Seed

Slightly Sweeter Taste with Longer Storability

There are four varieties of homegrown, fresh-eating sweet corn grouped by flavor: standard corn, sugary enhanced corn, super sweet corn and triplesweet corn. Sugar enhanced sweet corn is slightly sweeter than the normal sugar (su) varieties. When you see the abbreviation (se) you will know that means the corn contains a gene that increases the sugar content above standard varieties. Why is it so popular? After picking the cob from the stalk the conversion of sugar to starch is slowed and that is why sugar-enhanced sweet corn retains its texture and tenderness better, and why it’s a favorite type of corn to grow and sell at farmer’s markets since its storage life is slightly longer than regular sweet corn.

Sugar enhanced corn seeds grow reliably well, and the plants have few problems. Grouping the seeds in small plots instead of long rows will help their air pollination process. Once the silky threads emerge, you can even give the stalks a gentle shake to help disperse the pollen. When those silky threads begin to turn brown, check to be sure the tips of the cobs are rounded and not pointed. These are two signs your sugar enhanced hybrid corn is ready to harvest. Gently pull down on the ear and twist to remove. Handle the ears with care. To maintain the kernel’s sweetness and color it is recommended that each sweet corn variety is kept at a distance from other types while growing in your garden.

Flavors and textures differ slightly between the types of corn. Sugar enhanced corn is creamier and more tender than super sweet hybrids and has a more pronounced old-fashioned corn flavor. This type of corn keeps its fresh taste when cut from the cob and frozen, too. Find your favorites and record them in our app From Seed to Spoon so you always have your planting list for next growing season.