Sugar Rush Hybrid Tomato (pack of 3)

Sugar Rush Hybrid Tomato (pack of 3)

The Fastest and Sweetest Grape!


Children aren't the only ones who will love these ultra-sweet, dewdrop-shaped grape tomatoes! The flavor is spectacular -- a good mix of meatiness and ultra-crunchy sweetness -- and the plate appeal irresistible! Get ready for big yields and great eating from Sugar Rush Hybrid!

Though classified as a grape tomato, Sugar Rush actually looks like a cherry and grape combination, with plump, rounded fruit in long, elegant trusses all over very vigorous plants. It is indeterminate, so it keeps going all season long, but the plant is more stocky than vining, reaching 5 to 7 feet high and perhaps 3 to 4 feet wide. You will be astonished at its productivity over a long summer!

Sugar Rush begins bearing early in the season, which makes it a good choice for short-summer climates. The fruit is glossy and heavier than you would expect, so keep those fruiting stems tied to hold up the big bounty of deliciousness!

Outscoring every other grape tomato variety on the Brix sweetness scale, Sugar Rush lives up to its name in every bite. You will love this easy, high performing, delectable tomato! Make it part of the vegetable patch this season!

You will receive a 3-pack of big, healthy rooted plants in 4-inch pots, ready to take off in your garden. When they arrive, remove all the packing material from around the plants, give them a long drink of water, and set them in a shady spot protected from strong winds. Let them rest for a day or so there, then go ahead and transplant them. If you want stockier plants, you can plant these tomatoes right up to the lowest set of leaves -- they will grow roots right from the stem! Support them as they grow, so the branches can hold up those big heavy crops! Pack of 3 plants.