Sugar Shack™ Flower Stake

Sugar Shack™ Flower Stake

The Bloom is Made from Recycled Tin Cans!

One Feeder
Item # 30669
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The perfect way to recycle and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time, this thoroughly unique hummingbird feeder allows you to put a gorgeous "flower" anywhere in your yard or garden that those little jeweled flyers won't be able to resist!

This flower is made from a recycled tin can, with overlapping petals and bright colors that will capture the attention of more than just the birds. The top of a blown-glass vessel extends through the top of each metal blossom, while the majority stays hidden underneath. A single feeding portal is created by a red, blown-glass flower that fits into the neck of the nectar reservoir. The tin can bloom shades the nectar from the sun, which helps prevent the nectar from spoiling. The vessel fits easily into the long, stem-like stake.

This flower stake is perfect for setting up a hummingbird feeding station in a flowerbox, a patio container, or for sprinkling a bit of color throughout your others plants in your garden. It's an earth-friendly accent that makes a great gift for any gardener or bird lover!

Vessel dimensions: 4¼" H x 3¾" diameter
Capacity: 4 oz
Flower: 7" diameter
Stake: 23½" L.

Color and design may vary due to the availability of recycled material - each feeder is unique!