Summer Bulbs

Months of trouble-free beauty, year after year!

Now that the soil has warmed up and your vegetable garden is underway, take a break and treat yourself to some easy, fun planting. Summer bulbs are your best bet for carefree color, indoors and out. Just pop them into those empty spots, fill your finest containers, and wait a few weeks. Nothing is easier to care for! North of their hardiness range, dig them up in autumn and store them indoors for another season of beauty next year!

And why should you wait for blooms? With bright foliage plants such as Caladiums, you'll begin seeing color the moment that first shoot appears! This shade lover grows in warm weather, filling flowerpots, hanging baskets, and windowboxes with brilliant shades of red, pink, green, and white. Stock up now for months of trouble-free beauty, year after year!