Summer Gold Chinese Dogwood

Summer Gold Chinese Dogwood

The Most Gorgeous Chinese Dogwood!

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Without a doubt the most colorfully variegated Chinese Dogwood yet, 'Summer Gold' sports golden-edged leaves in spring, flashes of pink on summer foliage, and autumn leaves of brilliant red! Add to this its creamy-white blooms, upright habit, and compact stature, and you have an exceptionally lovely all-season tree.

In spring the new mid-green foliage unfurls with broad golden edges. Unlike many C. kousa cultivars, the leaves are not crinkled -- only pleasingly rippled, adding texture to the display. In mid-spring (in most climates), the beautiful foliage is complemented by masses of creamy-white blooms, which remain for weeks.

The summer foliage is lovely, with flashes and blushes of bright pink. But the really dramatic show arrives with the cooler weather in autumn, when the entire leaf turns an intense shade of crimson, remaining on the tree for several weeks before dropping.

Very compact, 'Summer Gold' reaches just 8 feet high and 4 feet wide after a decade's growth. It is vigorous and well-branched, with an upright habit that will not flop or weep. Even the bare winter silhouette is attractive, with its crocodile-skin patterned bark.

Demonstrating good cold-hardiness, this is a tree to be treasured as a specimen, border standout, or woodland accent. Do add it to your garden now! Zones 4-8.