Summer Persistence Combination (pack of 3)

Summer Persistence Combination (pack of 3)

A Gorgeous Cascading Trio for Shade

Lush, elegant, and never out of color, Summer Persistence is the annual plant combo you'll want for all your high-visibility shaded spots on the patio or deck! This combination of 3 plants (1 per 4-inch pot) offers bright blooms, finely cut foliage, and variegated trailing leaves. Individually, they are lovely. Together, they are unstoppable!

This combination of Kimberly Queen ferns, Dragon Wing Red Begonia, and variegated English Ivy plays to the strengths of all three varieties. The large sprays of fine-cut lacy fronds, interspersed with clusters of vibrant red blooms and waxy, heart-shaped, trailing green-and-white foliage, makes quite an impression in large containers, especially near a pool or water feature.

Because these plants are all superbly heat-tolerant, they stay gorgeous all summer long, creating a lovely oasis for you! Enjoy finding the perfect place to display Summer Persistence, and then settle back to receive compliments all season long! Pack of three 4-inch pots.

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