Summer Romance™ Parfuma® Floribunda Rose

Summer Romance™ Parfuma® Floribunda Rose

So Fragrant, So Vigorous, and So Blackspot-resistant!

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Plant Patent #25,993.Say goodbye to blackspot forever with Summer Romance™, an exciting new ultra-fragrant, ultra-beautiful floribunda from the Parfuma® series. Vigorous, cold-hardy, and eager to repeat all summer long, this remarkable shrub is among the most blackspot-resistant we have ever grown. You will love its color, scent, and lush garden presence!

These 3-inch double blooms unfurl slowly from plump, pointed dark pink buds, their petals gently recurving as they open fully into their cupped, quartered form. From the moment they arise, a strong and delicious aroma of licorice overlaid with tones of fresh-cut apple and old-fashioned tea rose fills the air. The scent is powerful, pervasive, and utterly heavenly, clearly the "romance" of this rose!

Summer Romance™ is a floribunda, with individual flowers on 6- to 8-inch stems within large clusters. The first and heaviest flushes are early in the season, with reliable repeats all summer long. Simply magnificent -- and perfect for cutting as well as for garden enjoyment!

Best of all, Summer Romance™ is marvelously free of blackspot. Well-branched and dense, it reaches about 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, clothed in healthy semi-glossy green foliage right down to the ground. Even when summer thunderstorms and heat combine to create a moist atmosphere in the garden, Summer Romance™ keeps its healthy leaves!

Bred in northern Germany with no growth regulators, Summer Romance™ is naturally vigorous, disease-resistant, and very adaptable to different environmental conditions. Unseasonable heat, humidity, and even cold do not faze it. Hardy through zone 5 in the north with only minimal winter protection, it's a fine choice for extreme climates where other roses have suffered. And for the humid south and midwest, Summer Romance™ is a must-have!

Set this rose front and center in the rose garden or shrub border. You'll want to get your best vases ready for those fragrant blooms, and your camera prepared to take photos of a rose that looks as healthy and fresh in September as it did in May! Zones 5-9.