Summer Squash

One of the most popular families of vegetable to grow for backyard gardeners.

A favorite seed for vegetables gardeners to plant every year, summer squash differs from its winter squash cousin primarily in the texture of the skin. Summer squash tends to be softer skinned while the winter variety is more hard-skinned, making it ideal for longer term storage. Due to its tender skin, summer squash can be prepared easily, and the skin and flesh are edible and delicious (harvest and store it in the refrigerator for a week or two). Select from organic, heirloom, and unique varieties of summer squash.

Summer squash from seed is easy to grow and produces generous harvests. A warm-season vegetable, it is sensitive to cold temperatures and frost. You can start summer squash seeds indoors (check out our Bio Dome indoor seed starting systems) or wait until soil temperatures warm and all threat of frost has passed. You’ll soon be rewarded with bush-style, mounded plants that produce flowers and fruits in abundance. For most summer squash, a single plant will provide continual large harvests throughout the summer growing season. You can succession plant seeds throughout the summer too.

The most popular varieties within the summer squash family include zucchini, yellow, and crookneck squash. But be sure and browse the options and try some new varieties of summer squash with your reliable annual standards. Generally, this family of squash will have tender fruits with mild flavor, and some have a slightly sweet taste. Summer squash is an easy plant to grow from seed so it’s good for beginning gardeners and kids. Summer squash can make you a generous gardener, too, with its abundant harvests you can share your bounty with friends and neighbors. It’s versatile in the kitchen as well.

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