Sunbeam Mix Geum Seeds

Sunbeam Mix Geum Seeds

Twice the Petals, Twice the Color, Twice the Bloom Time!

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Too seldom seen in American gardens, Geum is a wonderful perennial often associated with rock gardens but content in any well-drained soil receiving sunshine or part shade. The blooms are papery, profuse, and brilliantly colored, and the foliage is large, toothed, and evergreen. The only thing better than one Geum variety is two, and that's just what you get in this formula mix of Blazing Sunset and Double Sunrise!

Sunbeam Mix brings you a pair of G. flora plena varieties that show off the best of the family traits. Both are double-flowered and reblooming. The first set of 3-inch double blooms appears in late spring in most climates, then repeats at summer's end, just when the flower garden is begging for some fresh color. These big flowers arise on slender, wiry stems that make excellent cuts for the vase. Long-lasting, luminously colorful, and so abundant, these blooms may become your favorites of all!

Sunbeam contains equal parts seed of Blazing Sunset and Double Sunrise. Similar in size and bloomtime, these double-flowered beauties complement one another perfectly. Blazing Sunset offers papery blooms of almost luminous scarlet; Double Sunrise is a rich, lemony, bright yellow. You will be hard pressed to decide which you prefer . . . good thing you get both for the price of a single packet of seeds!

Geum is a pollinator magnet in the garden, particularly attractive to butterflies. Deer tend to leave the plant alone, making it a good choice for open settings. There is no downside to this wonderful perennial!

Good soil drainage is imperative for Sunbeam Mix; Geum is a plant that would rather be too dry than too moist at all times! Both Blazing Sunset and Double Sunrise will grow 2 feet tall and about 1 to 1½ feet wide, with excellent branching and a pleasingly mounded, full habit. You will find butterflies visiting your garden (and deer avoiding it) when Sunbeam Mix is present! Zones 4-7.