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SunBlaster NanoDome

Mini greenhouse kit with light

Item # 27029
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This kit is easy to use and supplies optimum growing conditions for superior root development, promoting the health and vigor of your seedlings, cuttings, and herbs.

The NanoDome T5HO Light Kit supplies ideal spectrum light—the best of natural sunlight—and the NanoTech T5 Reflector increases that light as much as 48% (without consuming any additional power) and ensures the light is spread across the growing area and penetrates deep into the foliage.

SunBlaster's self-cooling technology allows fixtures to be placed 6 to 8 inches above the plant canopy, maximizing photosynthetic response and growth without creating unwanted heat, extending the life of the lamp and ballast. The ingenious H pattern light tracks allow the lights to lay across a single dome or multiple domes, side by side.

Kit Includes:
T5HO Strip Light
NanoTech Reflector
NanoDome - 7 inch
Double Thick Tray - 10 inch x 20 inch
Power Cord with on/off switch - 6 foot