Sunblaster NanoTech LED Plant Light and Reflector Combo - 24 inches

Sunblaster NanoTech LED Plant Light and Reflector Combo - 24 inches

Even Better than the Original Sunblaster!

24 inches LED Plant Light and Reflector Combo only
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Ever since its introduction, the Sunblaster has been a favorite among seed-starters and indoor plant growers everywhere. The unique reflector design recaptures almost all the lost light, bringing more full-spectrum rays onto your seedlings and plants than ever before. And now there's an improvement: an LED Sunblaster!

LED lights have a self-cooling technology, producing far less heat than traditional fluorescents. They also last much longer, which saves you money over the long range. And your Sunblaster system is designed for long-range use: you can grow your garden from seed and overwinter tender tropicals and perennial plants with these lights for decades!

The secret to Sunblaster's success is its unique crystal reflective layer. Using nano technology, Sunblaster has developed a micro-thin layer that slips between lamp and ballast, neatly slotting into the metal grooves. Once installed (in seconds, by hand), it captures 100% of the light and heat previously lost, and reflects 99.9% of it back onto your plants.

The results? Deeper penetration of the foliage, brighter light -- up to 300% more lumens -- and, interestingly, a more even distribution of heat. All of these are very, very good things for your plants. Secondary benefits include a longer lamp life: you don't need as many hours, so equipment lasts longer. It's just a win-win-win-win!

In this combo kit, you get a 24-inch LED plant light complete with ballast and hood, plus a crystal reflector. Just snap it into the light fixture and you're good to go! Then put the entire light fixture into its frame: we suggest the Universal Light Stand, which fits any size plant light. Presto -- perfect light every time for your seeds, seedlings, and overwintering tropicals and tender perennials!