SunBlaster 36-Inch NanoTech Plant Light

36-inch Plant Light and Reflector Combo only
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Recover 99.9% of wasted full-spectrum light

Have you ever wondered why a light tube shines onto the hood as well as down onto the plants, wasting considerable light and heat? Well, the good folks at SunBlaster have, and they've come up with a solution so simple and elegant, it's certain to become the industry standard.

Using nanotechnology, SunBlaster has developed a micro-thin layer that slips between lamp and ballast, neatly slotting into the metal grooves. Once installed (in seconds, by hand), it captures 100% of the light and heat previously lost, and reflects 99.9% of it back onto your plants.

The results? Deeper penetration of the foliage, brighter light—up to 300% more lumens—and, interestingly, a more even distribution of heat. All of these are very, very good things for your plants. Secondary benefits include a longer lamp life: you don't need as many hours, so equipment lasts longer. It's just a win-win-win-win.

In this combo kit, you get a 24-inch T5H0 plant light complete with ballast and hood, plus a crystal reflector. Just snap it into the light fixture and you're good to go. Then put the entire light fixture into its frame: we suggest the Universal Light Stand, which fits any size plant light. Presto—perfect light every time for your seeds, seedlings, and overwintering tropicals and tender perennials.

Package Includes:
1 Self Ballasted Lamp Fixture with 6400K Grow Light and NanoTech Reflector
1 Link Cord (14 inch): up to 8 lights can be connected
1 Power Cord with on/off switch (6 foot)
2 Mounting Clips: perfect for flush mounting under a cabinet or shelf
2 Hanging Clips: suspend light from overhead

Voltage: 110V-130V
Brightness: 3627 lumens

Lighting Angle: 103 degrees
Estimated yearly energy cost: $11.57 (based on 12 hours /day $0.11/kWh)
Estimated Lamp Life: 2.3 years (based on 12 hours /day, 10,000 hours)
This light does contain mercury.
Replacement bulbs are available.


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Item Form Accessories
Color 36-inch Plant Light and Reflector Combo only
Width 3 ft
Additional Characteristics Indoor Growing, Lighting, Seed Starting
Occasion All Occasion
Recipient Gifts for Gardeners
Restrictions *Due to state restrictions we cannot ship to the following:
Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

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Customer Reviews

February 04, 2015

Sunblaster T5 Light and Reflector

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

I have started back growing African Violets after many years. I decided on this one and also the stand in the 36" size. I have had it and used it since last March. My violets are very healthy and blooming like crazy. I love this light fixture and stand. I also use it for my mini-violets and new plants that I have rooted from a leaf. Very easy to assemble and I run it 12 hrs/day on a timer. I am still using my first bulb that came with the kit. I am very pleased. I would recommend this lighting fixture to anyone wanting to grow violets or starting seeds for their garden. The stand is fully and easily adjustable to any height you desire.

Meme 4 from GA

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